DI Championship
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Stanford vs Florida St. (12/04/2023 at Cary, N.C.)

Stanford (20-1-4, 8-0-3)
def2Evans, Elise0000090
def15Wesley, Kennedy0000187
def18Brandt, Avani0000070
fwd3Montoya, Allie0000075
fwd20Kitahata, Andrea0001042
gk1Campbell, Ryan0000090
mid5Harvey, Shae0000070
mid8Bhuta, Mia0000190
mid10Doms, Maya1110290
mid12Aikey, Jasmine3001283
mid21Jung, Joelle0000068
mid11Paulson, Catherine0000128
mid14Leontini, Julia0000129
fwd17Grilione, Erica0000035
def23Harrison, Nya0000023
fwd24Wolf, Maryn1000017
fwd33Kostmayer, Lumi000013

Florida St. (22-0-1, 9-0-1)
def8Flynn, Lauren0000090
def20Gilchrist, Heather0000090
fwd9Olsson, Beata2112166
fwd10Brown, Jody2220068
fwd11Dudley, Jordynn1111365
fwd13Nesbeth, Leilanni2000087
gk1Roque, Cristina0000090
mid3Huff, Taylor1001083
mid6Echegini, Onyi4111269
mid7Iwai, Ran0000281
mid17Van Zanten, Amelia1101078
fwd0Garcia, Olivia0000018
mid4Taitano, Maggie000003
mid14Nourse, Peyton100003
mid15Zipay, Kaitlyn1100027
mid16Nguyen, Sophia1100021
mid18Alagoa, Maria0000222
fwd30Pais, Leah0000029

1Campbell, Ryan90:0053

1Roque, Cristina90:0010

Goals by period12Total
Florida St.235
Shots by period12Total
Florida St.7916

Saves by period12Total
Florida St.000
Corner kicks12Total
Florida St.437

Florida St.5510

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
128:27FSUJordynn Dudleyunassisted
228:53FSUJody BrownOnyi Echegini; Taylor HuffPasses by #6 and #3 led to shot by #10 inside box off crossbar and over goal line
351:01STANMaya DomsAndrea Kitahata; Jasmine AikeyPasses from #20 and #12 across top of penalty area to #10; shot by #10 after quick touch
457:45FSUBeata OlssonAmelia Van Zanten; Jordynn DudleyOutlet pass from #17 to #11; #11 pass to #9 on breakaway for shot to lower right corner
560:59FSUJody BrownBeata Olsson#9 makes long run down middle of field before pass to #10 on right side in penalty area
683:57FSUOnyi EcheginiBeata Olsson

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-STAN #5 Shae Harvey (86:54);

Win-Roque, Cristina (1-0-0). Loss-Campbell, Ryan (0-1-0).
Attendance: 3954
Stadium: WakeMed Soccer Park (Cary, N.C.)
Officials: Referee: Meghan Mullen; Asst. Referee: Katherine Mitchell; Asst. Referee: Maggie Short; Alt. Official: William Steffen;
Offsides: Stanford 0, Florida St. 2
DI Championship
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
Stanford vs Florida St. (12/04/2023 at Cary, N.C.)

00:00Roque, Cristina at goalie for Florida St.
00:00Campbell, Ryan at goalie for Stanford
03:52Corner kick [03:52].
04:24Shot by STAN Aikey, Jasmine, out top.
06:49Corner kick [06:49].
07:14Corner kick [07:14].
09:02Foul on Doms, Maya.
09:52Foul on Dudley, Jordynn.
11:55Corner kick [11:55].
19:08Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata, right woodwork.
20:49Foul on Echegini, Onyi.
21:04Foul on Echegini, Onyi.
22:48Shot by STAN Aikey, Jasmine, out top.
25:05Foul on Iwai, Ran.
25:45Foul on Dudley, Jordynn.
Foul on Bhuta, Mia
28:27FSU Jordynn Dudley PENALTY KICK GOAL.
28:53GOAL by FSU Brown, Jody Assist by Echegini, Onyi and Huff, Taylor.
28:53STAN substitution: Grilione, Erica for Kitahata, Andrea.
33:10Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi, out top right.
33:27FSU substitution: Pais, Leah for Olsson, Beata.
33:27FSU substitution: Zipay, Kaitlyn for Brown, Jody.
33:27FSU substitution: Alagoa, Maria for Dudley, Jordynn.
34:57Shot by FSU Nesbeth, Leilanni, out top.
35:16FSU substitution: Garcia, Olivia for Echegini, Onyi.
35:16FSU substitution: Nguyen, Sophia for Iwai, Ran.
35:16STAN substitution: Kostmayer, Lumi for Jung, Joelle.
35:52Shot by FSU Huff, Taylor.
36:36STAN substitution: Paulson, Catherine for Montoya, Allie.
38:02Foul on Kostmayer, Lumi.
38:39STAN substitution: Wolf, Maryn for Kostmayer, Lumi.
39:42Shot by FSU Zipay, Kaitlyn, bottom left, saved by Campbell, Ryan.
39:48Corner kick [39:48].
41:27Foul on Aikey, Jasmine.
41:59Offside against Florida St..
42:48Foul on Doms, Maya.
45:00End of period [45:00].

DI Championship
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
Stanford vs Florida St. (12/04/2023 at Cary, N.C.)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR STAN: , #1 Campbell, Ryan, #2 Evans, Elise, #3 Montoya, Allie, #5 Harvey, Shae, #8 Bhuta, Mia, #10 Doms, Maya, #12 Aikey, Jasmine, #15 Wesley, Kennedy, #18 Brandt, Avani, #20 Kitahata, Andrea, #21 Jung, Joelle.
45:00FOR FSU: , #1 Roque, Cristina, #3 Huff, Taylor, #6 Echegini, Onyi, #7 Iwai, Ran, #8 Flynn, Lauren, #9 Olsson, Beata, #10 Brown, Jody, #11 Dudley, Jordynn, #13 Nesbeth, Leilanni, #17 Van Zanten, Amelia, #20 Gilchrist, Heather.
45:00FSU substitution: Echegini, Onyi for Garcia, Olivia.
45:00FSU substitution: Iwai, Ran for Nguyen, Sophia.
45:00FSU substitution: Olsson, Beata for Pais, Leah.
45:00FSU substitution: Brown, Jody for Zipay, Kaitlyn.
45:00FSU substitution: Dudley, Jordynn for Alagoa, Maria.
45:00STAN substitution: Montoya, Allie for Paulson, Catherine.
45:00STAN substitution: Kitahata, Andrea for Grilione, Erica.
45:00STAN substitution: Jung, Joelle for Wolf, Maryn.
49:19Foul on Wesley, Kennedy.
51:01GOAL by STAN Doms, Maya Assist by Kitahata, Andrea and Aikey, Jasmine.
51:29Foul on Aikey, Jasmine.
52:28Corner kick [52:28].
53:00Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi, out top.
55:22Shot by FSU Van Zanten, Amelia, bottom left, saved by Campbell, Ryan.
55:42Corner kick [55:42].
57:45GOAL by FSU Olsson, Beata Assist by Van Zanten, Amelia and Dudley, Jordynn.
57:45STAN substitution: Grilione, Erica for Kitahata, Andrea.
60:59GOAL by FSU Brown, Jody Assist by Olsson, Beata.
60:59STAN substitution: Leontini, Julia for Harvey, Shae.
62:11Offside against Florida St..
64:00Foul on Dudley, Jordynn.
64:24Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi.
65:11FSU substitution: Pais, Leah for Olsson, Beata.
65:11FSU substitution: Alagoa, Maria for Brown, Jody.
65:11FSU substitution: Zipay, Kaitlyn for Dudley, Jordynn.
66:08STAN substitution: Harrison, Nya for Brandt, Avani.
68:28Foul on Alagoa, Maria.
69:15FSU substitution: Nguyen, Sophia for Echegini, Onyi.
69:15FSU substitution: Garcia, Olivia for Van Zanten, Amelia.
69:15STAN substitution: Paulson, Catherine for Montoya, Allie.
69:15STAN substitution: Wolf, Maryn for Aikey, Jasmine.
72:03Shot by STAN Wolf, Maryn, out top.
74:49Foul on Leontini, Julia.
76:11FSU substitution: Brown, Jody for Huff, Taylor.
76:11FSU substitution: Dudley, Jordynn for Alagoa, Maria.
76:11STAN substitution: Aikey, Jasmine for Grilione, Erica.
76:11STAN substitution: Montoya, Allie for Jung, Joelle.
77:37Foul on Paulson, Catherine.
78:27FSU substitution: Olsson, Beata for Garcia, Olivia.
79:14Shot by FSU Nguyen, Sophia, bottom center, saved by Campbell, Ryan.
79:54Shot by STAN Aikey, Jasmine.
80:12STAN substitution: Harvey, Shae for Wolf, Maryn.
81:13FSU substitution: Van Zanten, Amelia for Nguyen, Sophia.
81:13FSU substitution: Echegini, Onyi for Zipay, Kaitlyn.
83:49FSU substitution: Huff, Taylor for Pais, Leah.
83:57GOAL by FSU Echegini, Onyi Assist by Olsson, Beata.
85:20Foul on Olsson, Beata.
86:14STAN substitution: Brandt, Avani for Wesley, Kennedy.
86:54Yellow card on STAN Harvey, Shae.
86:54Shot by FSU Nesbeth, Leilanni, out top.
86:59FSU substitution: Taitano, Maggie for Dudley, Jordynn.
86:59FSU substitution: Nourse, Peyton for Nesbeth, Leilanni.
89:12Shot by FSU Nourse, Peyton.
89:20Corner kick [89:20].
90:00End of period [90:00].