(2) North Carolina vs. (1) Florida St.
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
North Carolina vs Florida St. (12/02/2022 at Cary, N.C.)

North Carolina (20-4-1, 8-2-0)
def7Dorsey, Julia1110090
def22Hansen, Tori1110190
fwd8Moxley, Emily1001090
fwd13Cox, Isabel1100050
fwd15Patterson, Avery1000190
fwd21Sentnor, Ally4200174
gk32Allen, Emmie0000090
mid6Elgin, Emerson0000190
mid19Colton, Emily0000051
mid20Moore, Libby0000090
mid24Dellaperuta, Talia3000057
fwd5Dahlien, Maddie0000033
fwd9Dellaperuta, Tori0000012
mid16Gambone, Aleigh1110033
mid28Pierce, Maggie1000050

Florida St. (17-3-3, 8-2-0)
def8Flynn, Lauren0000090
def20Gilchrist, Heather0000190
fwd2Nighswonger, Jenna2100083
fwd9Olsson, Beata4000082
fwd10Brown, Jody3101282
fwd13Nesbeth, Leilanni2100190
gk1Roque, Cristina0000090
mid6Echegini, Onyi5211082
mid7Iwai, Ran2200090
mid12Payne, Heather3310290
mid26Robbins, Clara4100090
fwd0Garcia, Olivia000008
mid15Zipay, Kaitlyn000008
mid17Bissell, Emma000008
mid18Alagoa, Maria000007

32Allen, Emmie90:0029

1Roque, Cristina90:0033

Goals by period12Total
North Carolina123
Florida St.022
Shots by period12Total
North Carolina41014
Florida St.71825

Saves by period12Total
North Carolina549
Florida St.123
Corner kicks12Total
North Carolina123
Florida St.7613

North Carolina314
Florida St.426

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
141:33UNCAleigh GamboneunassistedCross by #5 into the box deflected off FSU defender to #16, who scores inside 6-yard box
258:46UNCTori Hansenunassisted
365:53UNCJulia DorseyEmily MoxleyHeader off free kick
466:29FSUOnyi EcheginiJody BrownHeader off cross from far side outside the box
575:28FSUHeather PayneOnyi EcheginiHeader off pass inside the box from end line

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-UNC #6 Emerson Elgin (56:38); YELLOW-FSU #20 Heather Gilchrist (58:46); YELLOW-UNC #28 Maggie Pierce (72:03);

Win-Allen, Emmie (1-0-0). Loss-Roque, Cristina (0-1-0).
Attendance: 1
Stadium: WakeMed Soccer Park (Cary, N.C.)
Officials: Referee: Corey Rockwell; Asst. Referee: Jarred Mosher; Asst. Referee: Kate Wasiak; Alt. Official: Bill Dittmar;
Offsides: North Carolina 0, Florida St. 0
(2) North Carolina vs. (1) Florida St.
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
North Carolina vs Florida St. (12/02/2022 at Cary, N.C.)

00:00Roque, Cristina at goalie for Florida St.
00:00Allen, Emmie at goalie for North Carolina
01:10Corner kick [01:10].
08:40Foul on Hansen, Tori.
11:05Shot by UNC Dellaperuta, Talia, out left.
14:09Shot by FSU Nighswonger, Jenna, bottom left, saved by Allen, Emmie.
14:20Corner kick [14:20].
17:35Corner kick [17:35].
18:06Corner kick [18:06].
18:39Shot by FSU Brown, Jody, out top.
19:14Foul on Payne, Heather.
20:02Corner kick [20:02].
20:30Shot by UNC Moxley, Emily, out right.
22:35Foul on Sentnor, Ally.
24:11UNC substitution: Dahlien, Maddie for Cox, Isabel.
24:38Corner kick [24:38].
25:30UNC substitution: Pierce, Maggie for Colton, Emily.
28:01Shot by FSU Payne, Heather, top, saved by Allen, Emmie.
28:11Corner kick [28:11].
28:49Shot by FSU Robbins, Clara, out top.
29:57Shot by FSU Nesbeth, Leilanni, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.
30:08Shot by FSU Iwai, Ran, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.
31:16UNC substitution: Gambone, Aleigh for Dellaperuta, Talia.
31:34Foul on Brown, Jody.
34:19Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally, bottom left, saved by Roque, Cristina.
35:21Shot by FSU Brown, Jody, bottom right, saved by Allen, Emmie.
36:01FSU substitution: Garcia, Olivia for Echegini, Onyi.
36:01FSU substitution: Bissell, Emma for Olsson, Beata.
36:01FSU substitution: Zipay, Kaitlyn for Brown, Jody.
36:01UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Tori for Sentnor, Ally.
36:50Foul on Patterson, Avery.
37:56FSU substitution: Alagoa, Maria for Nighswonger, Jenna.
38:09Foul on Nesbeth, Leilanni.
40:07Corner kick [40:07].
41:33GOAL by UNC Gambone, Aleigh.
41:51Foul on Payne, Heather.
45:00End of period [45:00].

(2) North Carolina vs. (1) Florida St.
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
North Carolina vs Florida St. (12/02/2022 at Cary, N.C.)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR UNC: , #32 Allen, Emmie, #6 Elgin, Emerson, #7 Dorsey, Julia, #8 Moxley, Emily, #19 Colton, Emily, #15 Patterson, Avery, #24 Dellaperuta, Talia, #20 Moore, Libby, #13 Cox, Isabel, #22 Hansen, Tori, #21 Sentnor, Ally.
45:00FOR FSU: , #1 Roque, Cristina, #2 Nighswonger, Jenna, #6 Echegini, Onyi, #7 Iwai, Ran, #8 Flynn, Lauren, #9 Olsson, Beata, #10 Brown, Jody, #12 Payne, Heather, #13 Nesbeth, Leilanni, #20 Gilchrist, Heather, #26 Robbins, Clara.
45:00FSU substitution: Nighswonger, Jenna for Alagoa, Maria.
45:00FSU substitution: Echegini, Onyi for Garcia, Olivia.
45:00FSU substitution: Olsson, Beata for Bissell, Emma.
45:00FSU substitution: Brown, Jody for Zipay, Kaitlyn.
45:00UNC substitution: Colton, Emily for Dahlien, Maddie.
45:00UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Talia for Pierce, Maggie.
45:00UNC substitution: Cox, Isabel for Dellaperuta, Tori.
45:00UNC substitution: Sentnor, Ally for Gambone, Aleigh.
48:06Corner kick [48:06].
48:44Shot by UNC Dellaperuta, Talia.
49:37Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally, bottom center, saved by Roque, Cristina.
53:07Corner kick [53:07].
53:39Shot by UNC Cox, Isabel, bottom center, saved by Roque, Cristina.
54:20Foul on Gilchrist, Heather.
56:38Foul on Elgin, Emerson.
56:38Yellow card on UNC Elgin, Emerson.
57:17Shot by FSU Robbins, Clara, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.
58:04UNC substitution: Pierce, Maggie for Colton, Emily.
58:04UNC substitution: Dahlien, Maddie for Dellaperuta, Talia.
58:04UNC substitution: Gambone, Aleigh for Cox, Isabel.
58:46Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally.
58:46Yellow card on FSU Gilchrist, Heather.
58:48Shot by FSU Robbins, Clara, out top.
61:02Shot by FSU Nighswonger, Jenna, out top right.
61:54Shot by FSU Nesbeth, Leilanni.
62:01Shot by FSU Robbins, Clara.
65:15Foul on Brown, Jody.
65:53GOAL by UNC Dorsey, Julia Assist by Moxley, Emily.
66:29GOAL by FSU Echegini, Onyi Assist by Brown, Jody.
66:29UNC substitution: Cox, Isabel for Dahlien, Maddie.
66:29UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Talia for Gambone, Aleigh.
66:29Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi, out top right.
66:29Corner kick [66:29].
66:29Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata.
69:51UNC substitution: Colton, Emily for Sentnor, Ally.
70:28Shot by UNC Dellaperuta, Talia.
70:45Shot by UNC Patterson, Avery, out top.
72:03Yellow card on UNC Pierce, Maggie.
72:22Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata, out top.
73:03Shot by FSU Brown, Jody.
73:07Corner kick [73:07].
73:44Corner kick [73:44].
74:14Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata.
74:21Corner kick [74:21].
74:47Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata.
75:28GOAL by FSU Payne, Heather Assist by Echegini, Onyi.
77:19UNC substitution: Sentnor, Ally for Cox, Isabel.
77:19UNC substitution: Gambone, Aleigh for Dellaperuta, Talia.
78:08Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi, bottom left, saved by Allen, Emmie.
78:48Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi.
79:09Shot by FSU Iwai, Ran, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.
80:18Shot by UNC Pierce, Maggie, out top.
80:33UNC substitution: Dahlien, Maddie for Colton, Emily.
85:14UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Tori for Dahlien, Maddie.
85:14Corner kick [85:14].
85:19Shot by FSU Echegini, Onyi, out top.
86:45Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally.
87:37Corner kick [87:37].
88:44Shot by FSU Payne, Heather, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.
90:00End of period [90:00].