Women's Game 3: No. 5 St. Mary's at No. 4 Lubbock Christian
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
St. Mary's (TX) vs Lubbock Christian (11/01/2022 at Lubbock)

St. Mary's (TX) (12-3-4, 5-3-4)
def4Copeland, Megan2210290
def20Hover, Valerie2100090
def25Poole, Laura0000051
fwd3Von Holle, Kylie0000190
fwd9Varela, Sydney2211276
fwd26Ejere, Juni5210064
gk1Difronzo, Rebecca0000090
mid7Tovar, Love'0000190
mid10Miller, Jackie0000184
mid13Merrion, Eliza0000090
mid18Paniagua, Shelby1000056
fwd2Brouse, Tanya000004
mid6Ramirez, Bella000003
def11Wirebaugh, Maggie0000012
mid14Smith, Barbara000008
def16Celedon, Nayeli0000039
mid24Brigman, Bella000006
mid27Fernandez, Sarahi000008
fwd35Garcia, Alexis0000039

Lubbock Christian (8-3-8, 5-2-5)
def3Jennings, Avery0000069
def8Jimenez, Arely0000069
def19Mayben, Madison0000190
def33Jones, Brittany0000064
fwd2Hoel, Maddie1000064
fwd7Shahi, Julie2101045
fwd9Duarte, Celia2110059
fwd14De La Cruz, Lexi1000167
gk18Kone, Abby0000090
mid22Rasmussen, Graycen1100273
mid29Blevins, Kenley0000090
fwd4Holder, Andy2000139
mid6Hinojosa, Chloe0000023
def10Banderob, Cecilia000004
fwd12Fuller, Madi0000027
def17Martinez, Carla0000011
def24Herrera, Abcdee0000147
def25Irons, Hannah1000035
mid26McClung, Stephanie1000024

1Difronzo, Rebecca90:0012

18Kone, Abby90:0034

Goals by period12Total
St. Mary's (TX)123
Lubbock Christian101
Shots by period12Total
St. Mary's (TX)7512
Lubbock Christian7411

Saves by period12Total
St. Mary's (TX)202
Lubbock Christian314
Corner kicks12Total
St. Mary's (TX)235
Lubbock Christian202

St. Mary's (TX)437
Lubbock Christian336

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
102:20LCUCelia DuarteJulie Shahi
221:47STMJuni EjereSydney Varela
348:00STMSydney Varelaunassisted
457:22STMMegan Copelandunassisted

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-STM #3 Kylie Von Holle (61:20);

Win-Difronzo, Rebecca (1-0-0). Loss-Kone, Abby (0-1-0).
Attendance: 233
Stadium: LCU Soccer & Track Complex (Lubbock)
Offsides: St. Mary's (TX) 0, Lubbock Christian 0
Women's Game 3: No. 5 St. Mary's at No. 4 Lubbock Christian
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
St. Mary's (TX) vs Lubbock Christian (11/01/2022 at Lubbock)

00:00Kone, Abby at goalie for Lubbock Christian
00:00Difronzo, Rebecca at goalie for St. Mary's (TX)
02:20GOAL by LCU Duarte, Celia Assist by Shahi, Julie.
02:20Shot by LCU De La Cruz, Lexi, out left.
04:19Corner kick [04:19].
05:47STM substitution: Celedon, Nayeli for Poole, Laura.
05:58Corner kick [05:58].
06:28Shot by STM Ejere, Juni, out top.
11:01Shot by STM Paniagua, Shelby, out top.
11:54Shot by STM Hover, Valerie.
13:31Foul on De La Cruz, Lexi.
14:31Shot by LCU Shahi, Julie.
15:03Corner kick [15:03].
15:58Shot by STM Varela, Sydney, bottom center, saved by Kone, Abby.
16:29Foul on Rasmussen, Graycen.
20:29Foul on Copeland, Megan.
21:47GOAL by STM Ejere, Juni Assist by Varela, Sydney.
23:53Shot by LCU Shahi, Julie, top, saved by Difronzo, Rebecca.
25:32Foul on Copeland, Megan.
27:38LCU substitution: Herrera, Abcdee for Shahi, Julie.
27:58LCU substitution: McClung, Stephanie for Duarte, Celia.
30:52Shot by STM Ejere, Juni, bottom center, saved by Kone, Abby.
31:25Shot by LCU McClung, Stephanie.
31:49LCU substitution: Hinojosa, Chloe for Jennings, Avery.
31:49LCU substitution: Holder, Andy for De La Cruz, Lexi.
31:49STM substitution: Garcia, Alexis for Paniagua, Shelby.
32:09Foul on Von Holle, Kylie.
32:54Shot by LCU Rasmussen, Graycen, bottom right, saved by Difronzo, Rebecca.
33:04Corner kick [33:04].
33:13LCU substitution: Irons, Hannah for Jimenez, Arely.
33:34Shot by LCU Holder, Andy, left woodwork.
34:30Foul on Rasmussen, Graycen.
35:01Shot by STM Copeland, Megan, top left, saved by Kone, Abby.
35:46LCU substitution: Fuller, Madi for Rasmussen, Graycen.
38:08STM substitution: Brouse, Tanya for Ejere, Juni.
41:44LCU substitution: Martinez, Carla for McClung, Stephanie.
41:44STM substitution: Ramirez, Bella for Garcia, Alexis.
42:40STM substitution: Brigman, Bella for Brouse, Tanya.
44:06Foul on Varela, Sydney.
45:00End of period [45:00].

Women's Game 3: No. 5 St. Mary's at No. 4 Lubbock Christian
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
St. Mary's (TX) vs Lubbock Christian (11/01/2022 at Lubbock)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR STM: , #1 Difronzo, Rebecca, #3 Von Holle, Kylie, #4 Copeland, Megan, #7 Tovar, Love', #9 Varela, Sydney, #10 Miller, Jackie, #13 Merrion, Eliza, #18 Paniagua, Shelby, #20 Hover, Valerie, #25 Poole, Laura, #26 Ejere, Juni.
45:00FOR LCU: , #2 Hoel, Maddie, #8 Jimenez, Arely, #9 Duarte, Celia, #25 Irons, Hannah, #14 De La Cruz, Lexi, #4 Holder, Andy, #18 Kone, Abby, #19 Mayben, Madison, #22 Rasmussen, Graycen, #29 Blevins, Kenley, #33 Jones, Brittany.
45:00LCU substitution: Jimenez, Arely for Hinojosa, Chloe.
45:00LCU substitution: Duarte, Celia for Herrera, Abcdee.
45:00LCU substitution: De La Cruz, Lexi for Martinez, Carla.
45:00LCU substitution: Rasmussen, Graycen for Fuller, Madi.
45:00STM substitution: Paniagua, Shelby for Ramirez, Bella.
45:00STM substitution: Poole, Laura for Celedon, Nayeli.
45:00STM substitution: Ejere, Juni for Brigman, Bella.
48:00GOAL by STM Varela, Sydney.
48:43STM substitution: Wirebaugh, Maggie for Miller, Jackie.
49:21Corner kick [49:21].
51:11Foul on Varela, Sydney.
52:26LCU substitution: Herrera, Abcdee for Hoel, Maddie.
52:26LCU substitution: Jennings, Avery for Jones, Brittany.
53:50Shot by LCU Irons, Hannah, out top.
54:20STM substitution: Miller, Jackie for Wirebaugh, Maggie.
54:25Foul on Holder, Andy.
55:41Shot by LCU Duarte, Celia, out top right.
56:56Foul on Herrera, Abcdee.
57:22GOAL by STM Copeland, Megan.
59:37Shot by STM Hover, Valerie, top, saved by Kone, Abby.
60:59LCU substitution: McClung, Stephanie for Jimenez, Arely.
60:59LCU substitution: Shahi, Julie for Duarte, Celia.
60:59LCU substitution: Hinojosa, Chloe for Irons, Hannah.
60:59LCU substitution: Fuller, Madi for De La Cruz, Lexi.
60:59STM substitution: Garcia, Alexis for Paniagua, Shelby.
61:20Yellow card on STM Von Holle, Kylie.
62:29Shot by STM Ejere, Juni, out right.
63:10Shot by LCU Holder, Andy, out left.
64:27Corner kick [64:27].
64:48STM substitution: Smith, Barbara for Varela, Sydney.
64:55Shot by STM Ejere, Juni, out top.
65:13STM substitution: Brigman, Bella for Ejere, Juni.
69:32STM substitution: Fernandez, Sarahi for Brigman, Bella.
69:48Corner kick [69:48].
70:57LCU substitution: Duarte, Celia for McClung, Stephanie.
70:57LCU substitution: Jimenez, Arely for Shahi, Julie.
70:57LCU substitution: Irons, Hannah for Hinojosa, Chloe.
70:57LCU substitution: De La Cruz, Lexi for Holder, Andy.
70:57LCU substitution: Martinez, Carla for Rasmussen, Graycen.
72:58STM substitution: Varela, Sydney for Smith, Barbara.
77:05STM substitution: Paniagua, Shelby for Fernandez, Sarahi.
78:12LCU substitution: Banderob, Cecilia for Duarte, Celia.
78:12LCU substitution: Rasmussen, Graycen for Irons, Hannah.
78:12LCU substitution: Jones, Brittany for Fuller, Madi.
78:12LCU substitution: Hoel, Maddie for Martinez, Carla.
82:39LCU substitution: Shahi, Julie for Herrera, Abcdee.
82:39LCU substitution: Duarte, Celia for Banderob, Cecilia.
83:09STM substitution: Wirebaugh, Maggie for Varela, Sydney.
84:52Shot by LCU Hoel, Maddie, out top.
85:02STM substitution: Ejere, Juni for Paniagua, Shelby.
89:18Foul on Mayben, Madison.
90:00End of period [90:00].