Seton Hall at St. Johns
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Seton Hall vs St. John's (NY) (09/29/2022 at Queens, N.Y.)

Seton Hall (4-5-2, 0-3-0)
def4Pucci, Chiara1000190
def15McDermott, Maille1100123
def16Fuggle, Alex0000090
def22Lipton, Caroline0000171
def27Gerrie, Rachel0000090
def28Hall, Abby000000
fwd9Sheehan, Emma0000034
fwd14Liston, Sophie0000190
gk12Gordon, Grace0000090
mid21Tavana, Natalie1000090
mid26Conger, Ella0000260
def5Roberts, Abbie0000028
def7Hampson, Phoebe0000020
mid10Mitchell, Grace0000156
fwd11Welch, Naomi000018
mid13Aronov, Julia000008
mid17Mitchell, Sarah0000262
def18DeCola, Maddy0000161
mid25Balser, Riley0000019

St. John's (NY) (5-3-3, 2-1-0)
def3Boyd, Brooke0000073
def14Turner, Katherine0000190
fwd18Aviza, Isabelle2100176
fwd20Gordon, Nicole1110248
gk00Muzi, Gina0000090
mid8Collins, Ava2200469
mid10Money, Michelle0000090
mid12Garziano, Jessica3101184
mid23Sofroniou, Athina0000290
mid25Riggins, Emily0000190
mid30DeJesus, Jailene0000071
fwd6Feighan, Molly0000011
fwd7McGlame, Molly2100030
mid9Agresti, Mia000006
mid19Tran, Lauryn1100231
fwd21Mesaros, Kayla0000016
mid24Scoma, Angelina0000025

12Gordon, Grace90:0016

00Muzi, Gina90:0001

Goals by period12Total
Seton Hall000
St. John's (NY)101
Shots by period12Total
Seton Hall123
St. John's (NY)9211

Saves by period12Total
Seton Hall516
St. John's (NY)101
Corner kicks12Total
Seton Hall112
St. John's (NY)437

Seton Hall9211
St. John's (NY)6814

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
126:18SJUNicole GordonJessica Garziano

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-SHU #18 Maddy DeCola (78:19);

Win-Muzi, Gina (1-0-0). Loss-Gordon, Grace (0-1-0).
Attendance: 236
Stadium: Belson Stadium (Queens, N.Y.)
Officials: Referee: Stephen Foster; Asst. Referee: Greg Muhs; Asst. Referee: Chris Muhs; Alt. Official: William Potorff;
Offsides: Seton Hall 0, St. John's (NY) 0
Seton Hall at St. Johns
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
Seton Hall vs St. John's (NY) (09/29/2022 at Queens, N.Y.)

00:00Muzi, Gina at goalie for St. John's (NY)
00:00Gordon, Grace at goalie for Seton Hall
00:00SHU substitution: Roberts, Abbie for Hall, Abby.
04:42Foul on McDermott, Maille.
05:19Foul on Collins, Ava.
05:45Shot by SHU McDermott, Maille, bottom center, saved by Muzi, Gina.
06:46Foul on Pucci, Chiara.
10:58Shot by SJU Collins, Ava, bottom right, saved by Gordon, Grace.
11:09Corner kick [11:09].
12:58Foul on Gordon, Nicole.
17:32Foul on Conger, Ella.
18:39Foul on Riggins, Emily.
21:07Corner kick [21:07].
21:36Corner kick [21:36].
22:17SHU substitution: DeCola, Maddy for McDermott, Maille.
25:07SHU substitution: Balser, Riley for Conger, Ella.
25:56Shot by SJU Collins, Ava, bottom right, saved by Gordon, Grace.
26:05Corner kick [26:05].
26:18GOAL by SJU Gordon, Nicole Assist by Garziano, Jessica.
27:40SHU substitution: Mitchell, Sarah for Sheehan, Emma.
27:40SHU substitution: Hampson, Phoebe for Roberts, Abbie.
28:15SJU substitution: Tran, Lauryn for Gordon, Nicole.
29:29Shot by SJU Aviza, Isabelle, bottom center, saved by Gordon, Grace.
29:50Corner kick [29:50].
30:57Foul on Lipton, Caroline.
32:20Shot by SJU Tran, Lauryn, bottom center, saved by Gordon, Grace.
33:36SJU substitution: McGlame, Molly for Collins, Ava.
33:36SHU substitution: Mitchell, Grace for Balser, Riley.
34:02Foul on Tran, Lauryn.
34:19Foul on Mitchell, Sarah.
34:38Foul on Tran, Lauryn.
35:25Foul on Mitchell, Sarah.
35:48Shot by SJU Garziano, Jessica, out top.
36:06SHU substitution: Aronov, Julia for Lipton, Caroline.
36:06SHU substitution: Welch, Naomi for Hampson, Phoebe.
37:18Shot by SJU McGlame, Molly, bottom left, saved by Gordon, Grace.
37:43Foul on Turner, Katherine.
38:34SJU substitution: Mesaros, Kayla for Aviza, Isabelle.
39:17Shot by SJU McGlame, Molly.
44:12Foul on Welch, Naomi.
44:57Foul on Liston, Sophie.
44:51Shot by SJU Garziano, Jessica, top woodwork.
45:00End of period [45:00].

Seton Hall at St. Johns
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
Seton Hall vs St. John's (NY) (09/29/2022 at Queens, N.Y.)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR SHU: , #12 Gordon, Grace, #4 Pucci, Chiara, #17 Mitchell, Sarah, #14 Liston, Sophie, #18 DeCola, Maddy, #16 Fuggle, Alex, #21 Tavana, Natalie, #22 Lipton, Caroline, #10 Mitchell, Grace, #27 Gerrie, Rachel, #26 Conger, Ella.
45:00FOR SJU: , #00 Muzi, Gina, #3 Boyd, Brooke, #7 McGlame, Molly, #10 Money, Michelle, #12 Garziano, Jessica, #14 Turner, Katherine, #8 Collins, Ava, #20 Gordon, Nicole, #23 Sofroniou, Athina, #25 Riggins, Emily, #30 DeJesus, Jailene.
45:00SJU substitution: Collins, Ava for Mesaros, Kayla.
45:00SJU substitution: Gordon, Nicole for Tran, Lauryn.
45:00SHU substitution: Lipton, Caroline for Aronov, Julia.
45:00SHU substitution: Conger, Ella for Welch, Naomi.
49:02Foul on Mitchell, Grace.
50:22Corner kick [50:22].
51:17Foul on Gordon, Nicole.
52:19SJU substitution: Aviza, Isabelle for McGlame, Molly.
53:10Shot by SJU Aviza, Isabelle.
54:11Foul on Collins, Ava.
56:50Shot by SHU Pucci, Chiara, out left.
57:03SJU substitution: Scoma, Angelina for Garziano, Jessica.
60:34Corner kick [60:34].
61:29Corner kick [61:29].
63:33SJU substitution: Feighan, Molly for Gordon, Nicole.
63:52SJU substitution: Garziano, Jessica for DeJesus, Jailene.
63:52SHU substitution: Sheehan, Emma for Lipton, Caroline.
63:52SHU substitution: Hampson, Phoebe for Conger, Ella.
65:19Shot by SJU Garziano, Jessica, bottom center, saved by Gordon, Grace.
67:17Foul on Garziano, Jessica.
69:25SJU substitution: Mesaros, Kayla for Collins, Ava.
69:25SHU substitution: Balser, Riley for Sheehan, Emma.
72:41SJU substitution: McGlame, Molly for Boyd, Brooke.
74:21SJU substitution: Tran, Lauryn for Feighan, Molly.
74:21SHU substitution: Lipton, Caroline for Balser, Riley.
74:21SHU substitution: Conger, Ella for Hampson, Phoebe.
75:41Shot by SHU Tavana, Natalie, out right.
78:19Foul on DeCola, Maddy.
78:19Yellow card on SHU DeCola, Maddy.
79:06SJU substitution: Collins, Ava for Mesaros, Kayla.
79:06SHU substitution: Balser, Riley for DeCola, Maddy.
79:49Foul on Aviza, Isabelle.
82:40Foul on Collins, Ava.
82:56SJU substitution: DeJesus, Jailene for Scoma, Angelina.
83:34Corner kick [83:34].
83:51SJU substitution: Agresti, Mia for McGlame, Molly.
85:51SHU substitution: DeCola, Maddy for Balser, Riley.
86:23Foul on Sofroniou, Athina.
88:22Foul on Collins, Ava.
90:00End of period [90:00].