UCLA at Oregon
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
UCLA vs Oregon (09/29/2022 at Eugene, Ore.)

UCLA (10-0-0, 2-0-0)
def4Reale, Lilly0000090
def15Perry, Jayden0001076
def34Riley, Brianne1100083
fwd33Cook, Ally4100273
fwd50Fontes, Sunshine6110280
fwd66Turner, Reilyn0000031
gk1Brzykcy, Lauren0000083
mid9Cook, Sofia4310083
mid10Lemos, Ally0000044
mid11Desiano, Madelyn0000283
mid24Reyes, Maricarmen2000026
gk36Purcell, Neeku000007
fwd2Trevithick, Kali1110120
def3Evans, Maya0000014
def5Kerr, Kylie000007
mid12Rosenbaum, Michaela0000022
mid13Egizii, Emma1000017
fwd18Walbruch, Ellie2000117
mid21Vance, MacKenzee0000144
fwd26Marin-Valencia, Bridgette3000044
mid27Gilday, Jackie1000146

Oregon (3-3-4, 1-1-0)
def2Emperador, Anna0000055
def3Rolley, Bel0000090
def6Cortez, Chai0000190
def10Phillips, Anna0000090
fwd8Romero, Lexi0000076
fwd9Paculba, Kaitlyn0000047
fwd13Respass, Ajanae1000290
gk1Freeman, Leah0000029
mid7Morales, Trinity0000053
mid17Hasenauer, Zoe0001390
mid23Barbieri, Alice1110266
gk33Richards, Julia0000061
def11Soto, Croix0000010
mid15Rucker, Megan0000039
fwd18Elmore, Kess0000043

1Brzykcy, Lauren82:5310
36Purcell, Neeku07:0700

1Freeman, Leah28:3710
33Richards, Julia61:2324

Goals by period12Total
Shots by period12Total

Saves by period12Total
Corner kicks12Total


Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
123:18UCLSofia CookJayden Perry
228:37UCLSunshine Fontesunassisted
360:11OREAlice BarbieriZoe Hasenauer
479:50UCLKali Trevithickunassisted

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-UCL #24 Maricarmen Reyes (22:22); RED-ORE #1 Leah Freeman (28:37); YELLOW-ORE #3 Bel Rolley (84:03);

Win-Brzykcy, Lauren (1-0-0). Loss-Richards, Julia (0-1-0).
Attendance: 919
Stadium: Papé Field (Eugene, Ore.)
Officials: Referee: Cedric Adams; Asst. Referee: Ryan Jung; Asst. Referee: Pawel Sojka; Alt. Official: Nicholas Navarini;
Offsides: UCLA 1, Oregon 0
UCLA at Oregon
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
UCLA vs Oregon (09/29/2022 at Eugene, Ore.)

00:00Freeman, Leah at goalie for Oregon
00:00Brzykcy, Lauren at goalie for UCLA
04:51Shot by UCL Fontes, Sunshine.
06:02Shot by UCL Cook, Sofia, out right.
07:37Foul on Fontes, Sunshine.
08:27Foul on Barbieri, Alice.
09:09Corner kick [09:09].
10:33Shot by UCL Reyes, Maricarmen, out left.
15:08Corner kick [15:08].
15:57Corner kick [15:57].
17:36Foul on Barbieri, Alice.
19:25Offside against UCLA.
22:08Shot by UCL Reyes, Maricarmen.
22:22Yellow card on UCL Reyes, Maricarmen.
23:18GOAL by UCL Cook, Sofia Assist by Perry, Jayden.
23:40ORE substitution: Elmore, Kess for Paculba, Kaitlyn.
25:40UCL substitution: Marin-Valencia, Bridgette for Reyes, Maricarmen.
28:37Red card on ORE Freeman, Leah.
28:37ORE substitution: Richards, Julia for Morales, Trinity.
28:37UCL substitution: Gilday, Jackie for Lemos, Ally.
28:37GOAL by UCL Fontes, Sunshine.
30:37UCL substitution: Evans, Maya for Turner, Reilyn.
30:37UCL substitution: Vance, MacKenzee for Perry, Jayden.
30:37ORE substitution: Soto, Croix for Romero, Lexi.
31:14Corner kick [31:14].
33:13Shot by UCL Marin-Valencia, Bridgette, top woodwork.
34:20Shot by UCL Riley, Brianne, bottom center, saved by Richards, Julia.
35:38Foul on Desiano, Madelyn.
36:43Shot by UCL Cook, Ally, out top.
37:05UCL substitution: Kerr, Kylie for Cook, Sofia.
37:05UCL substitution: Rosenbaum, Michaela for Desiano, Madelyn.
37:05UCL substitution: Egizii, Emma for Cook, Ally.
37:05UCL substitution: Walbruch, Ellie for Riley, Brianne.
37:37Shot by UCL Gilday, Jackie.
37:55Shot by UCL Egizii, Emma.
39:22Shot by UCL Walbruch, Ellie, out top.
40:45ORE substitution: Rucker, Megan for Soto, Croix.
41:54Foul on Hasenauer, Zoe.
45:00End of period [45:00].

UCLA at Oregon
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
UCLA vs Oregon (09/29/2022 at Eugene, Ore.)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR UCL: , #1 Brzykcy, Lauren, #4 Reale, Lilly, #28 Frias, America, #27 Gilday, Jackie, #12 Rosenbaum, Michaela, #34 Riley, Brianne, #26 Marin-Valencia, Bridgette, #13 Egizii, Emma, #11 Desiano, Madelyn, #33 Cook, Ally, #15 Perry, Jayden.
45:00FOR ORE: , #1 Freeman, Leah, #2 Emperador, Anna, #3 Rolley, Bel, #6 Cortez, Chai, #33 Richards, Julia, #8 Romero, Lexi, #18 Elmore, Kess, #10 Phillips, Anna, #13 Respass, Ajanae, #17 Hasenauer, Zoe, #23 Barbieri, Alice.
45:00ORE substitution: Romero, Lexi for Rucker, Megan.
45:00UCL substitution: Frias, America for Kerr, Kylie.
45:00UCL substitution: Riley, Brianne for Vance, MacKenzee.
45:00UCL substitution: Desiano, Madelyn for Walbruch, Ellie.
45:00UCL substitution: Cook, Ally for Fontes, Sunshine.
45:00UCL substitution: Perry, Jayden for Evans, Maya.
45:00UCL substitution: Cook, Sofia for Frias, America.
46:07Foul on Cook, Ally.
47:27Foul on Gilday, Jackie.
51:57Foul on Desiano, Madelyn.
54:56Shot by UCL Marin-Valencia, Bridgette.
54:56Corner kick [54:56].
54:56UCL substitution: Fontes, Sunshine for Egizii, Emma.
54:56ORE substitution: Paculba, Kaitlyn for Emperador, Anna.
54:56ORE substitution: Rucker, Megan for Elmore, Kess.
56:57Foul on Cook, Ally.
58:18Shot by UCL Cook, Ally.
59:22Shot by UCL Cook, Ally, out right.
59:35UCL substitution: Vance, MacKenzee for Rosenbaum, Michaela.
60:11GOAL by ORE Barbieri, Alice Assist by Hasenauer, Zoe.
62:23Shot by UCL Fontes, Sunshine, out right.
63:27Shot by UCL Fontes, Sunshine, out top.
64:57Foul on Hasenauer, Zoe.
65:53Shot by UCL Fontes, Sunshine.
65:58Shot by UCL Marin-Valencia, Bridgette.
65:58ORE substitution: Morales, Trinity for Barbieri, Alice.
67:02ORE substitution: Elmore, Kess for Paculba, Kaitlyn.
68:20Shot by UCL Cook, Sofia, bottom center, saved by Richards, Julia.
69:15UCL substitution: Trevithick, Kali for Marin-Valencia, Bridgette.
69:38Foul on Cortez, Chai.
70:46Shot by ORE Respass, Ajanae.
73:36Shot by UCL Cook, Ally, bottom center, saved by Richards, Julia.
73:46Shot by UCL Fontes, Sunshine, out top.
74:07UCL substitution: Lemos, Ally for Gilday, Jackie.
75:44Foul on Hasenauer, Zoe.
77:31Foul on Trevithick, Kali.
78:26Shot by UCL Cook, Sofia, bottom left, saved by Richards, Julia.
78:37Corner kick [78:37].
79:17UCL substitution: Walbruch, Ellie for Cook, Ally.
79:50GOAL by UCL Trevithick, Kali.
79:50ORE substitution: Paculba, Kaitlyn for Elmore, Kess.
80:18Foul on Vance, MacKenzee.
81:36Foul on Walbruch, Ellie.
81:59Foul on Respass, Ajanae.
82:37Shot by UCL Walbruch, Ellie, out top.
82:53UCL substitution: Purcell, Neeku for Brzykcy, Lauren.
84:03Yellow card on ORE Rolley, Bel.
87:53Foul on Fontes, Sunshine.
89:56Corner kick [89:56].
89:58Corner kick [89:58].
90:00End of period [90:00].