Appalachian State at Marshall
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
App State vs Marshall (09/25/2022 at Huntington)

App State (3-4-4, 2-1-0)
def8Studer, Shannon1000379
def18Schumacher, Katie1100070
def22Guisasola, Mumu0000281
def29Little, Kaitlyn0000045
def33Walk, Skyler0000090
fwd4Wood, Izzi3300064
fwd5McGibany, Emma0000356
fwd21Highsmith, Anna Kate0000176
fwd28Monteith, Breckyn2110184
gk2Eagleston, Kerry0000059
mid24Fuller, Katie2110078
gk1Salters, Jazz0000031
def3Tremonti, Gabby0000045
fwd6Barbosa, Stephanie0001033
mid7Giacoletto, Gracie0000112
mid13Lusardi, Izzy0000016
mid17Stark, Lela0000027
fwd20Deas, Michaela0000026
fwd26Boyles, Hayley0000018

Marshall (2-6-2, 1-2-0)
def10Hall, Ava0000133
def16George, Campbell0000190
fwd9White, Morgan4420377
fwd20Laguines, Makai0000066
gk99Wolgemuth, Alexis0000090
mid6Gandee, Olivia0000090
mid7Bell, Cassidy1100064
mid12Gonzalez, Kat2002290
mid15Travassos, Luiza0000278
mid19Corcoran, Courtney2110090
mid33Pattinson, Bailey0000065
fwd2Jarvis, Meg0000021
mid11Hugh, Abi2100257
mid14Fisher, Bailey0000112
def23Townes, Madison0000025
fwd28Hardin, Alyssa0000116

2Eagleston, Kerry58:0821
1Salters, Jazz31:5212

99Wolgemuth, Alexis90:0024

Goals by period12Total
App State022
Shots by period12Total
App State369

Saves by period12Total
App State133
Corner kicks12Total
App State022

App State5611

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
124:32MARMorgan WhiteKat Gonzalez
255:45MARCourtney Corcoranunassisted
358:08APPKatie Fullerunassisted
459:56APPBreckyn MonteithStephanie Barbosa
586:08MARMorgan WhiteKat Gonzalez

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-APP #8 Shannon Studer (43:11); YELLOW-MAR #7 Cassidy Bell (47:42); RED-MAR #7 Cassidy Bell (63:01);

Win-Wolgemuth, Alexis (1-0-0). Loss-Salters, Jazz (0-1-0).
Attendance: 471
Stadium: Hoops Family Field (Huntington)
Offsides: App State 1, Marshall 5
Appalachian State at Marshall
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
App State vs Marshall (09/25/2022 at Huntington)

00:00Wolgemuth, Alexis at goalie for Marshall
00:00Eagleston, Kerry at goalie for App State
02:01Foul on McGibany, Emma.
03:58Offside against Marshall.
11:57Shot by MAR Gonzalez, Kat, out top.
12:26Foul on Studer, Shannon.
13:49Shot by APP Wood, Izzi, bottom center, saved by Wolgemuth, Alexis.
14:07Corner kick [14:07].
14:48Shot by MAR Bell, Cassidy, bottom center, Team save.
17:01Shot by MAR Corcoran, Courtney.
18:04Corner kick [18:04].
18:59Offside against Marshall.
22:29Foul on Hall, Ava.
23:02Foul on Monteith, Breckyn.
24:32GOAL by MAR White, Morgan Assist by Gonzalez, Kat.
25:21Foul on Travassos, Luiza.
28:38Foul on Travassos, Luiza.
30:09Foul on McGibany, Emma.
30:27Corner kick [30:27].
31:00Foul on Gonzalez, Kat.
32:14MAR substitution: Hugh, Abi for Hall, Ava.
32:14MAR substitution: Fisher, Bailey for Travassos, Luiza.
32:14APP substitution: Stark, Lela for McGibany, Emma.
32:14APP substitution: Barbosa, Stephanie for Fuller, Katie.
34:24APP substitution: Boyles, Hayley for Wood, Izzi.
34:24APP substitution: Deas, Michaela for Highsmith, Anna Kate.
37:16Foul on George, Campbell.
38:27Foul on Fisher, Bailey.
38:27APP substitution: Giacoletto, Gracie for Guisasola, Mumu.
38:58Offside against Marshall.
39:57MAR substitution: Hardin, Alyssa for White, Morgan.
39:57MAR substitution: Jarvis, Meg for Laguines, Makai.
39:57APP substitution: Guisasola, Mumu for Giacoletto, Gracie.
40:22Foul on Hugh, Abi.
41:07Shot by APP Studer, Shannon, out top right.
41:48Foul on Studer, Shannon.
43:11Yellow card on APP Studer, Shannon.
43:11Shot by MAR Gonzalez, Kat, out top.
44:04Foul on Hardin, Alyssa.
44:47Shot by APP Monteith, Breckyn.
45:00End of period [45:00].

Appalachian State at Marshall
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
App State vs Marshall (09/25/2022 at Huntington)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR APP: , #2 Eagleston, Kerry, #5 McGibany, Emma, #4 Wood, Izzi, #8 Studer, Shannon, #24 Fuller, Katie, #3 Tremonti, Gabby, #22 Guisasola, Mumu, #6 Barbosa, Stephanie, #28 Monteith, Breckyn, #21 Highsmith, Anna Kate, #33 Walk, Skyler.
45:00FOR MAR: , #99 Wolgemuth, Alexis, #6 Gandee, Olivia, #7 Bell, Cassidy, #9 White, Morgan, #11 Hugh, Abi, #12 Gonzalez, Kat, #15 Travassos, Luiza, #16 George, Campbell, #19 Corcoran, Courtney, #2 Jarvis, Meg, #33 Pattinson, Bailey.
45:00MAR substitution: White, Morgan for Hardin, Alyssa.
45:00MAR substitution: Travassos, Luiza for Fisher, Bailey.
45:00APP substitution: McGibany, Emma for Boyles, Hayley.
45:00APP substitution: Wood, Izzi for Stark, Lela.
45:00APP substitution: Fuller, Katie for Schumacher, Katie.
45:00APP substitution: Tremonti, Gabby for Deas, Michaela.
45:00APP substitution: Highsmith, Anna Kate for Little, Kaitlyn.
46:00Shot by APP Wood, Izzi, bottom center, saved by Wolgemuth, Alexis.
47:42Yellow card on MAR Bell, Cassidy.
47:42Shot by APP Wood, Izzi, bottom center, saved by Wolgemuth, Alexis.
49:58Foul on Hugh, Abi.
51:49Foul on Guisasola, Mumu.
53:00Foul on White, Morgan.
53:25Offside against Marshall.
55:45GOAL by MAR Corcoran, Courtney.
56:40Shot by MAR Hugh, Abi, top, saved by Eagleston, Kerry.
56:54Corner kick [56:54].
57:28Corner kick [57:28].
58:08GOAL by APP Fuller, Katie.
58:08APP substitution: Salters, Jazz for Eagleston, Kerry.
59:56GOAL by APP Monteith, Breckyn Assist by Barbosa, Stephanie.
60:04MAR substitution: Laguines, Makai for Jarvis, Meg.
60:55Corner kick [60:55].
61:34Corner kick [61:34].
62:12Foul on White, Morgan.
62:47Offside against App State.
63:01Red card on MAR Bell, Cassidy.
64:06Corner kick [64:06].
64:41MAR substitution: Townes, Madison for Pattinson, Bailey.
64:41APP substitution: Schumacher, Katie for Wood, Izzi.
64:41APP substitution: Deas, Michaela for Guisasola, Mumu.
64:41APP substitution: Boyles, Hayley for Barbosa, Stephanie.
65:49Foul on White, Morgan.
67:04APP substitution: Lusardi, Izzy for McGibany, Emma.
67:59Foul on Studer, Shannon.
70:13Shot by MAR Hugh, Abi.
70:47Shot by MAR White, Morgan, bottom right, saved by Salters, Jazz.
70:59Corner kick [70:59].
72:45MAR substitution: Hardin, Alyssa for White, Morgan.
72:45APP substitution: Guisasola, Mumu for Studer, Shannon.
72:45APP substitution: Giacoletto, Gracie for Boyles, Hayley.
72:51Offside against Marshall.
74:26Corner kick [74:26].
74:48APP substitution: Stark, Lela for Monteith, Breckyn.
75:36Foul on Giacoletto, Gracie.
77:39Shot by APP Fuller, Katie, out left.
80:02MAR substitution: White, Morgan for Laguines, Makai.
80:02APP substitution: Monteith, Breckyn for Deas, Michaela.
80:02APP substitution: Wood, Izzi for Highsmith, Anna Kate.
81:23Shot by MAR White, Morgan, top right, saved by Salters, Jazz.
81:31Corner kick [81:31].
83:20MAR substitution: Laguines, Makai for Hardin, Alyssa.
83:20APP substitution: Barbosa, Stephanie for Lusardi, Izzy.
83:20APP substitution: Studer, Shannon for Giacoletto, Gracie.
84:47APP substitution: Highsmith, Anna Kate for Barbosa, Stephanie.
85:17Foul on Guisasola, Mumu.
86:08GOAL by MAR White, Morgan Assist by Gonzalez, Kat.
87:02Shot by APP Schumacher, Katie, bottom center, saved by Wolgemuth, Alexis.
89:38Foul on Highsmith, Anna Kate.
90:00End of period [90:00].