Pepperdine vs. Florida State
Official Soccer Box Score (Final)
Pepperdine vs Florida St. (11/21/2021 at Tallahassee)

Pepperdine (17-4-1, 6-2-1)
def7Romero, Victoria1000190
def11Hill, Kelsey0000090
def13Watson, Trinity0000090
def30Pickett, Kam1000053
fwd10Reyes, Calista0000170
fwd20Waldeck, Tori1000079
gk1Clevely, Zoe0000090
mid8Little, Shelby0000351
mid9Anderson, Joelle0000270
mid19Giammona, Carlee0000582
mid27LaParl, Tabitha1000181
mid3Enge, Skylar0000132
mid5Packer, Olivia0000116
mid6Schaefer, Helen000014
def14Sampson, Alex0000049
fwd21Gilfoy, Devyn0000018
fwd26Adams, Kelsey0000025

Florida St. (19-1-2, 7-1-2)
def11Pavlisko, Kirsten0000190
def16Carle, Gabby2100190
def25Madril, Emily0000090
fwd2Nighswonger, Jenna0000090
fwd10Brown, Jody1110173
fwd13Nesbeth, Leilanni0000243
fwd30Olsson, Beata2100159
gk1Roque, Cristina0000090
mid6Howell, Jaelin0001190
mid8Flynn, Lauren1000190
mid26Robbins, Clara0001369
fwd4Lynch, Kristina0000013
mid17Bissell, Emma0000113
mid18Alagoa, Maria0000225
fwd19Horton, Amelia100004
fwd21Mitchell, Gianna000006
mid33Zhao, Yujie2100255

1Clevely, Zoe90:0013

1Roque, Cristina90:0000

Goals by period12Total
Florida St.101
Shots by period12Total
Florida St.549

Saves by period12Total
Florida St.000
Corner kicks12Total
Florida St.415

Florida St.8816

Scoring summary:
No.TimeTeamGoal scorerAssistDescription
104:32FSUJody BrownClara Robbins; Jaelin Howell

Cautions and ejections:
YELLOW-PEP #7 Victoria Romero (63:17);

Win-Roque, Cristina (1-0-0). Loss-Clevely, Zoe (0-1-0).
Attendance: 1367
Stadium: Seminole Soccer Complex (Tallahassee)
Officials: Referee: Alyssa Nichols; Asst. Referee: Sam Bilbo; Asst. Referee: Abdel Kuttaineh; Alt. Official: Igor Santos;
Offsides: Pepperdine 0, Florida St. 2
Pepperdine vs. Florida State
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 1)
Pepperdine vs Florida St. (11/21/2021 at Tallahassee)

00:00Roque, Cristina at goalie for Florida St.
00:00Clevely, Zoe at goalie for Pepperdine
00:46Foul on Carle, Gabby.
02:39Corner kick [02:39].
03:49Foul on Romero, Victoria.
04:32GOAL by FSU Brown, Jody Assist by Robbins, Clara and Howell, Jaelin.
05:13Foul on Giammona, Carlee.
07:53Foul on Pavlisko, Kirsten.
08:34Shot by PEP Romero, Victoria, out top left.
10:08Shot by PEP Waldeck, Tori.
10:21Corner kick [10:21].
12:59Foul on Little, Shelby.
16:08Foul on Flynn, Lauren.
16:41Foul on Olsson, Beata.
17:17Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata, bottom center, saved by Clevely, Zoe.
20:34FSU substitution: Zhao, Yujie for Nesbeth, Leilanni.
21:40Foul on Giammona, Carlee.
23:38Foul on Robbins, Clara.
24:22FSU substitution: Alagoa, Maria for Olsson, Beata.
25:02Foul on Reyes, Calista.
25:41Shot by FSU Carle, Gabby, bottom left, saved by Clevely, Zoe.
28:46Foul on Little, Shelby.
29:41Foul on Giammona, Carlee.
31:27Corner kick [31:27].
31:49FSU substitution: Bissell, Emma for Brown, Jody.
31:49FSU substitution: Lynch, Kristina for Robbins, Clara.
32:40PEP substitution: Sampson, Alex for Little, Shelby.
32:40PEP substitution: Enge, Skylar for Pickett, Kam.
35:25Corner kick [35:25].
36:01Shot by FSU Flynn, Lauren.
36:06Corner kick [36:06].
36:36Shot by FSU Carle, Gabby, out top right.
36:54PEP substitution: Packer, Olivia for Anderson, Joelle.
36:54PEP substitution: Gilfoy, Devyn for Giammona, Carlee.
36:54PEP substitution: Adams, Kelsey for LaParl, Tabitha.
37:47Foul on Alagoa, Maria.
38:22Foul on Packer, Olivia.
40:45PEP substitution: Schaefer, Helen for Waldeck, Tori.
41:09Foul on Alagoa, Maria.
43:15Foul on Schaefer, Helen.
44:01Foul on Bissell, Emma.
45:00End of period [45:00].

Pepperdine vs. Florida State
Play-by-Play Summary (Period 2)
Pepperdine vs Florida St. (11/21/2021 at Tallahassee)

45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00FOR PEP: , #1 Clevely, Zoe, #7 Romero, Victoria, #14 Sampson, Alex, #9 Anderson, Joelle, #19 Giammona, Carlee, #11 Hill, Kelsey, #13 Watson, Trinity, #20 Waldeck, Tori, #27 LaParl, Tabitha, #30 Pickett, Kam, #3 Enge, Skylar.
45:00FOR FSU: , #1 Roque, Cristina, #2 Nighswonger, Jenna, #6 Howell, Jaelin, #8 Flynn, Lauren, #10 Brown, Jody, #11 Pavlisko, Kirsten, #13 Nesbeth, Leilanni, #16 Carle, Gabby, #25 Madril, Emily, #26 Robbins, Clara, #30 Olsson, Beata.
45:00FSU substitution: Brown, Jody for Bissell, Emma.
45:00FSU substitution: Nesbeth, Leilanni for Zhao, Yujie.
45:00FSU substitution: Robbins, Clara for Lynch, Kristina.
45:00FSU substitution: Olsson, Beata for Alagoa, Maria.
45:00PEP substitution: Anderson, Joelle for Packer, Olivia.
45:00PEP substitution: Giammona, Carlee for Reyes, Calista.
45:00PEP substitution: Waldeck, Tori for Gilfoy, Devyn.
45:00PEP substitution: LaParl, Tabitha for Schaefer, Helen.
45:00PEP substitution: Pickett, Kam for Adams, Kelsey.
45:46Foul on Brown, Jody.
47:23Foul on Anderson, Joelle.
50:00Foul on Robbins, Clara.
52:05Shot by PEP LaParl, Tabitha.
52:47Foul on Nesbeth, Leilanni.
53:13Shot by PEP Pickett, Kam.
54:48Foul on Giammona, Carlee.
55:34Offside against Florida St..
56:09Foul on Enge, Skylar.
58:24FSU substitution: Zhao, Yujie for Robbins, Clara.
60:42Offside against Florida St..
62:03Shot by FSU Zhao, Yujie.
62:25Corner kick [62:25].
63:17Yellow card on PEP Romero, Victoria.
64:59PEP substitution: Reyes, Calista for Pickett, Kam.
64:59PEP substitution: Little, Shelby for Enge, Skylar.
66:03Foul on Nesbeth, Leilanni.
66:30FSU substitution: Robbins, Clara for Nesbeth, Leilanni.
67:55Foul on LaParl, Tabitha.
69:00Shot by FSU Zhao, Yujie, bottom center, saved by Clevely, Zoe.
69:56PEP substitution: Adams, Kelsey for Anderson, Joelle.
70:33Foul on Little, Shelby.
71:51FSU substitution: Mitchell, Gianna for Olsson, Beata.
72:43Foul on Robbins, Clara.
73:38Foul on Zhao, Yujie.
74:46PEP substitution: Packer, Olivia for Sampson, Alex.
74:46PEP substitution: Gilfoy, Devyn for Waldeck, Tori.
76:18Foul on Giammona, Carlee.
77:02FSU substitution: Alagoa, Maria for Mitchell, Gianna.
77:42Foul on Zhao, Yujie.
78:18FSU substitution: Horton, Amelia for Brown, Jody.
81:08PEP substitution: Anderson, Joelle for Adams, Kelsey.
81:08PEP substitution: Waldeck, Tori for LaParl, Tabitha.
81:44Shot by FSU Horton, Amelia.
82:51FSU substitution: Olsson, Beata for Horton, Amelia.
82:51FSU substitution: Brown, Jody for Alagoa, Maria.
82:51PEP substitution: LaParl, Tabitha for Packer, Olivia.
82:51PEP substitution: Sampson, Alex for Little, Shelby.
84:54PEP substitution: Adams, Kelsey for Gilfoy, Devyn.
86:19Foul on Howell, Jaelin.
87:57Foul on Anderson, Joelle.
88:44Shot by FSU Olsson, Beata, left woodwork.
90:00End of period [90:00].